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Most recent model convertibles come with glass rear windows. Glass windows are an enormous improvement over plastic windows used in older tops because glass will not brown or scratch. A glass window should last the life of the top.

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The problem with glass windows is that they break. Most breakage is due to vandalism. Vandals love to smash glass windows. However, a surprisingly large number of breakages result from "operator error". These are situations where normal top operation is impeded in some way. In a very common scenario, the window breaks because items stored in the boot prevent it from folding down properly.

Glass window tops come in two types: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece tops attach the glass into a single piece of top material. Two-piece tops utilize a separate rear window section to hold the glass. In both cases the glass window is permanently fused to the surrounding top material using a high-strength production process that cannot be duplicated outside the factory. Therefore, when glass breaks it cannot (except for two- piece models) be replaced itself. One-piece tops require the entire top to be replaced. In two-piece tops the rear window section must be replaced.

Besides breakage, common glass window problems are glass separation from the surrounding top material or the heater/defroster tabs falling off. When the glass separates, the top will need to be replaced (one-piece models) or the rear section will need to be replaced (two-piece models). Heater/defroster tabs can be glued back on the window in certain situations.

If you're having a problem involving your rear convertible window, please stop by our store and one of our service techs can advise you on your options.

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