Convertible Top “Break In”


When a convertible top is replaced, it is necessary to have a "break-in" period for any new top. We recommend a break-in period of one to two weeks and is required for two reasons.


Once installed on the car, convertible top materials stretch.  Depending on the time of the year, this stretching time can vary. Once the top stretches out, it should have a nice tight look.  For best results, it is important for the stretch process to happen without interruption.   


Second, as the top stretches out in some places, it will tighten up in others. As the top changes, so will positions of the frame, pads, and seals – this is called the “break in” period. If the top is opened during the "break in" period, the following may be affected: effort to close the top, wind noise, and weather tightness. As a convertible top frame ages, links and joints wear and top frames do not have the same alignment as when the convertible top was new.  Leaving convertible tops and glass windows in the up position after installation allows them time to relax and adjust, or become "seasoned" to the top frame.  Always follow the instruction in the Owner's Manual for opening and closing the Convertible Top. 


Note: Always keep the well free of objects, even a harmless item such as a beach towel can cause glass windows to break.

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Convertible Windows

Most recent model convertibles come with glass rear windows. Glass windows are an enormous improvement over plastic windows used in older tops because glass will not brown or scratch. A glass window should last the life of the top.

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American Auto and Plate Glass specializes in the replacement of convertible tops and window curtains for modern soft-top vehicles, customs and classics. We recommend replacement convertible tops from the following manufacturer: Electron top. We also carry Robbins and E-Z 0n.


Convertible Tops


Our expertise in Convertible Tops will help determine the best option available:

1.  Installation of a new Convertible Top

2.  Installation of a new Window Curtain

3.  Installation of both the new Convertible Top and the new Window Curtain

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Working on a custom car or street rod?


We will explain the process and recommend the material to compliment the vehicle style and colors.

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Damages / Insurance Repairs

Your convertible top gets slashed. Maybe a tree branch falls on your top and rips into it or maybe your convertible back glass shatters. What do you do when a situation like that happens?


First, contact your insurance company and file a claim. Next, bring your car to American Auto and Plate Glass so we can estimate your damage and get you on the road to recovery.


In New York if you have an insurance claim, by law you have the freedom to take your car to any repair shop you wish. American Auto and Plate Glass is a direct repair facility and we have worked for many years with all the major insurance companies to accomplish all types of insurance repairs to convertible tops, automotive glass and interiors.


If you have an insurance claim we will do everything to make the process as easy for you as possible. Our service includes preparing the estimate as well as doing the legwork with the insurance company to get the estimate approved as rapidly as possible.


Once the estimate is approved we prioritize your claim. That means your replacement parts are ordered immediately after insurance approval and we expedite the work so that you get your car back as soon as possible.

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