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American Auto and Plate Glass has over 40 years of experience in repairing and building custom seat covers. Most people don't even realize that seats can be repaired right back to original condition, so it is important to have the seat repair performed by a professional interior technician.

After years of use, leather and cloth seats can start to wear in some places. The most common area of wear is on the driver’s seat, which receives the most frequent activity. Most modern car seats are created by combining several different pieces of material or “panels”. Due to this type of design, we can replace only the damaged sections of the seat  using OEM materials(cloth or leather) that is color matched. We stock many common seat fabrics that match late model patterns, and have 24 hour access to seat fabric for 90% of the material manufactured. We can replace individual panels or the entire seat. Once the seat has been disassembled we can change padding density for a softer or firmer feel and/or add custom seat heaters for cloth, leather or vinyl seats.

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