One of the major problems common to virtually all late-model cars is the sagging headliner. Because the original headliner material is foam backed, over a period of time the foam backing starts to disintegrate and leaves a dust residue causing the fabric to drop loose from the headliner board.

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Correcting the sagging headliner involves a multi step process that will restore it to like "new" condition. In most all cases the headliner board has to come out of the vehicle. The material is then removed from the board and sanded down to prepare for the new material. The board with the new headliner material is then reinstalled back into the vehicle. The headliners are the last thing most car owners think of repairing. If the interior roof is in need of repair because it is torn or dropping down we suggest you bring in your vehicle to American Auto and Plate Glass for replacement.
Many of the older cars have vinyl headliners with metal rods that extend across the interior roof structure. We can work to replace these types of headliners by stitching together sections of material to create the original style and look the vehicle once had.

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