Residential Glass


Glass is everywhere in your house so whether you need a replacement piece of glass, mirror or your looking to remodel or protecting your furnishings, American Auto & Plate Glass can help.

Glass table tops


Glass table tops are used in a number of different ways, but the most popular is to use the glass to protect the top surface of the desk, dining or coffee table. When used to protect a wood surface, normally ¼” glass is used, however in some instances a thicker 3/8” or ½” glass can be used for a more dramatic look or for a “hangover edge”. The edges of the glass would normally be polished to smooth them out and avoid the possibility of injury from the sharp edges.

In certain circumstances tables can have a top surface made of glass only.  In these instances the glass has to be tempered for safety reasons. Glass thickness has to be more than 3/8"and the edges have to be polished or beveled depending on your preference.
The last decision to be made is the color of the glass… typically the 3 main choices are clear, gray and bronze.



Mirrors can make an improvement in any home. A mirror will make a small or narrow room feel much bigger and add more light with its reflective characteristics. A foyer or entry way is a great area to make an impression on your guests as they enter and exit your home. A wall mirror will enhance any room, but are especially useful for expanding narrow rooms. Install a wall mirror at a right angle to your windows to maximize an open feel.

Glass cabinets


Glass cabinets, kitchen cabinets and dining room hutches are a great place to add a frosted, tinted or patterned piece of glass. Have us remove the old piece you currently have and add glass that will give your kitchen cabinets that extra touch.