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Cab Guards

Backrack vs. Safety Rack Summary


  • Has welded wire mesh to provide full window protection.
  • Has wider carrying capacity above cab.
  • Each intersection of wire is welded to avoid rattling and provide strength.
  • Less flexibility to mount accessory light brackets than the BACKRACK.
  • Is more expensive than the BACKRACK.
  • Sits higher above the cab than the BACKRACK.











  • Has two horizontal flat steel bars to protect the window.
  • Is easier to secure cargo to than SAFETY RACK.
  • Has less width for load carrying than SAFETY RACK.
  • Is generally cab height of truck for low profile look.
  • Opinion is that it looks more stylish than SAFETY RACK.
  • More receptive to Light Brackets than SAFETY RACK.
  • Less expensive than SAFETY RACK.

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