Cab guards or Headache racks as they are called, are designed to prevent damage to the  truck cab and back glass. They are also used to secure items in the bed as well as provide a mounting surface for off-road lights and emergency lighting.


Safety Rack


The Safety Rack uses a conventional mesh screen design that is built for the hard core work truck. It offers the best protection against preventable damage and injuries caused during loading and emergency situations.

Safety Rack-Details

Backrack vs. Safety Rack Summary


  • Has welded wire mesh to provide full window protection.
  • Has wider carrying capacity above cab.
  • Each intersection of wire is welded to avoid rattling and provide strength.
  • Less flexibility to mount accessory light brackets than the BACKRACK.
  • Is more expensive than the BACKRACK.
  • Sits higher above the cab than the BACKRACK.


  • Has two horizontal flat steel bars to protect the window.
  • Is easier to secure cargo to than SAFETY RACK.
  • Has less width for load carrying than SAFETY RACK.
  • Is generally cab height of truck for low profile look.
  • Opinion is that it looks more stylish than SAFETY RACK.
  • More receptive to Light Brackets than SAFETY RACK.
  • Less expensive than SAFETY RACK.
Backrack vs. Safety Rack Summary-Details

Backrack Accessories & Attachments


Backrack offers many types of mounting systems for all of your lighting needs.

Backrack Accessories & Attachments-Details

Backrack & Tool Box Mount


Looking to mount a Backrack and a Tool Box Together?

Backrack & Tool Box Mount-Details

Backrack Tonneau Cover Adapter


Looking for a Back Rack and a Tonneau Cover Combined???

Back Rack is compatible with several brand/model Tonneau Covers…

Backrack Tonneau Cover Adapter-Details

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